• Calculate the number of baluster required for a decking project or railings for stair and upper floors.

Difference between Baluster and Balustrade

Balusters are vertical posts or legs on railings that can be made from a variety of materials such as precast concrete,plaster, carved stone, cast stone, plastics, wood, or wrought iron. They have a vase-like shape. Baluster provide vertical support to railing.

A balustrade is a decorative railing that is supported by baluster posts, post caps, and decorative finials. It is made up of several balusters that are evenly spaced and connected to form the railing.


How to use the baluster calculator?

  1. Input the Railing length.
  2. Provide the number of posts.
  3. Enter the width of single posts.
  4. Input the width of a single baluster. For irregaular shape baluster, input the width of the widest part.
  5. Input the Baluster spacing.

Most places around the world only allow a maximum spacing of 4" or 100 mm and, sometimes it could be even less, so make sure to refer the construction regulation of your area before you start calculating.

The rule that requires balusters to be spaced 4" apart was created with the intention of preventing children from slipping through railings or getting their heads stuck between the balusters.

How to calculate baluster spacing?

  1. Calculate the number of baluster using following formula.
    No. of balusters needed =
    Railing length - (No. of Posts × Single post's width)/Baluster width + Baluster spacing