A fence, often known as fencing, is a structure that serves to demarcate the boundaries of an outside area. They are also constructed around the building for improving the apperance, privacy and security.

A fence, as contrast to a wall, does not have a continuous, sturdy base throughout its length. Instead, it is made up of posts that are joined together with boards, wire, rails, netting, and other materials.

Types of fencing

  1. Concrete fence
  2. Concrete fence

    A concrete fence, which consists of concrete planks and vertical posts, is long-lasting and simple to set up. It is usually made with an ashlar texture.

  3. Ha ha
  4. Ha-has are sunken fences that provide a vertical barrier without obstructing views over a landscape. It creates a sloping incline to a sharply vertical face and is often found included in the landscape design of stately homes.

  5. Chain link fence
  6. Chain link fence

    Wires are woven together to create this fence. It's cheaper than other metal fence solutions, but is still strong and durable.

  7. Picket fence
  8. Picket fences typically have a height of slightly less than one meter and are often painted white. They are made from of vertical boards set at regular intervals and are utilized more for aesthetics than privacy, especially in front yards. Wood is the most frequent material, however PVC is also an option.

  9. Electric fence and barbed wire fence
  10. Farmers often employ one of many kinds of electric fence using hot wire to contain their cattle. Barbed wire is stretched between posts for similar reasons, as well as for security.

  11. Heavy duty mesh fence
  12. Heavy duty mesh fence or Site fencing, is a temporary fence made from metal frames with either a round or square top, containing a heavy duty metal mesh. The concrete feet and the interlocking design of the individual frames ensure that the fence will not collapse. Due to their speedy and adaptable installation, it is often uses for Temporary purposes, such as crowd control or building site borders.

  13. Metal fence
  14. Metal fence

    Metal fences are safe, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. Aluminum and wrought iron are the most popular metal choices for fence.

  15. Timber fence
  16. Timber fence

    Timber fencing is the most common type of fence, used particularly for domestic applications. There are several different types such as Closeboard, Lap panel, Semi-solid panels, Trellis, Screen fence etc.