What is the difference between Account Owners, Account Managers, Account Users, and Guest Users?

  • From license perspective, any user in Livefield is either A/c Owner or A/c Manager or A/c User. These roles are created to manage payment information, update subscription, add or remove users, set up projects, and manage User access.
  • Any user invited from Project invite will be added as Guest User. Guest Users are user who are part of project but financially covered by different account owner. License role will be assigned manually to them.
  • A/c Owner is the Super Admin in all the project and all projects are covered under him. It is the person responsible for all financial aspects of the project. Controls all access levels, including adding and removing other users. The users of the account owner count toward the subscriptions.
To manage License effectively, following permission is given based on the role.
ActionAccount OwnerAccount ManagerAccount User
Create project under company account
Can invite people directly to company account
Can remove users from the account
Can view account user list (Team tab)
Can change account permission levels (Role)
Edit Billing Details
Add/Remove License
Transaction history