How to add or remove survey questions in survey report?

What to know

  • On the Web: Sidebar menu > Reports > Select Survey Report > +New
  • In the app: More > Field Reports > Survey Report > Select Survey Report > Survey

On the Web

  1. Click on reports from side bar menu
  2. Click on survey report that you want add or remove question
  3. Click on +New button to add survey question
  4. Click on – button to remove question

In the app

  • Open the survey report you want to add or remove question.
  • Go to survey tab. Please note that, if report is unlocked (not signed), then only you could add or delete question.
  • Tap on delete icon to delete the question.
  • To add the question, tap on + button given in the bottom right corner. Enter the question and click on save button to add question.