How to create a directory/folder in sheet tab?

In Livefield, You could create a folder to manage drawings from different disciplines (e.g. Architectural, Electrical, Plumbing etc.) or based on purpose (e.g. Foundation, First floor, Second floor etc.)

What to know

  • On the Web: Open Project. Sheet > +Add directory
  • In the App: Open Project. Sheet > Tap + icon.

On the Web

  1. Open the project and select Sheet from Sidebar.
  2. Click +Add directory button placed on the top right portion of toolbar.
  3. In the popup, Enter the directory name and press create directory button. Your Directory is successfully created.

In the App

  1. Open the project and select Sheet from bottom app bar.
  2. Tap + button placed on the bottom right corner.
  3. To create new directory, tap + icon, Enter the name of the directory and press Create.