How to create survey report?

Did you know that you could create survey report automatically at specific time interval?
By creating report automatically at specific time interval means assignee will get notification on set time interval to fill out survey form. You don’t need to create separate survey report on specific time interval, questionnaires will be created automatically so assignee just need to fill out that questions.
Example: if you set the frequency to every 1st day of month than assignee will receive a notification at 1st of every month to fill up the survey report.

Who could access the survey report?

By default, only admin and assignee of survey report is able to access survey reports.
Other than those who have role permission to access the report can access the survey report.

What to know

  • On the Web: Sidebar menu > Reports > +create > Survey report
  • In the App: More > Project reports > Tap survey report > + icon.

On the Web

  1. Click on reports from side bar menu.
  2. Click on + button, given on right side of Survey report heading.
  3. Fill out survey report attributes.
  4. Click on next button.
  5. Add the survey question and click on +Generate report button to create survey report. If you want to import question from template, click on import button.
  6. Click on +Generate button to create survey report.

In the App

  1. Tap on more menu given in bottom navigation bar.
  2. Then tap on project reports.
  3. Tap on survey report from project report list.
  4. Tap on + icon
  5. Fill out report attributes and tap on next button to create survey report.