What is task attribute?

Task Attribute is a descriptive parameter that defines key information about a relating task or activity. Livefield provide following attributes in the tasks.

Task titleIt is description of the task.
StatusSet the priority of task like Priority 1, Priority 2, Priority 3, Completed and Verified.
AssigneeThe person responsible for the task, who receives an instant notification.
TypeWhether task is Planned or Issue.
CateogryTypically type of work e.g. Plumbing, Electrician, Dry-wall, Excavation, Pouring etc.
LocationLocation of the Task on site.
Start and End dateScheduled date for the task.
ManpowerManpower required or used in the task.
CostCost associated with tasks.
SheetThe sheet associated with the task.
WatcherPeople who are assigned to help you or involved with work related to a task. They are not assignee, but it would be helpful for them to stay informed with the status and progress of the task. Task creator will automatically be added to Watcher. Watcher may be more than one people.
TagsTags associated with Task. It will be helpful to filter the task.

How to add multiple assignee on Task?

Livefield doesn’t support multiple assignee on task to avoid blame game. However, we support multiple watchers in Task.